Cobble Stone  paths by me!
(lol sorry for the weird title names. lol)

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i think when the snow melts i’ll remake this in different colors

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Made this Galaxy Path for you guise! :D and myself, of course.
I hope you all enjoy it! :D

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Some super sweet cotton candy pathways to brighten up your town! Feel free to use them but do not claim them as your own! Thanks!

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my new heartbrick path! 


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Cobblestone paths by me! | <Please do not re-upload anywhere else> |

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This is the main set of QR codes for a large lake design I made in my 2nd animal crossing town. You can use it to make anything from small ponds, big lakes or water boarders! There are also codes for the inside corners and stepping stones over on the website for those who enjoy the little extras!

You can also see it in action over at Sad Town’s dream code: 4700-3143-2610


i was bored and without internet today, so i decided to try my hand at making paths, and it isn’t as hard as it looks, as it turns out! i made this very basic dirt path and some grass to go along with it, if you guys would like to use it! also, if you do choose to use it, it’d be great if you showed me how it looks in your town! U u U

nb: the tiles and grass in the background aren’t mine, they come from here!

EDIT: an anon told me that i had two upper left corners and no upper right corner code, so i fixed that!! oops. sorry, folks! please reblog this version instead of the original!

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